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What Goes Into A Parenting Plan?
If your divorce involves time-sharing of minor children, a parenting plan will be part of your final agreement. Judges in the state of...
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Reasons To Sign, Or Not Sign, A Prenuptial Agreement
They aren’t romantic, but they are practical. Prenuptial agreements have been around for years. They provide a way for individuals to protect the...
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How To Win Your Child Custody Case
When determining child custody, judges in today’s court system place the best interests of the child above everything else. In the past, courts...
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Why You Should Use A Forensic Accountant
One of the most important issues to settle in a divorce revolves around, of course, money. Who makes what income? Who gets what...
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Divorce During Your Senior Years
Your long-term marriage has made it through children, careers and all life has thrown at you and your spouse. But forget “until death...
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