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What Goes Into A Parenting Plan?
If your divorce involves time-sharing of minor children, a parenting plan will be part of your final agreement. Judges in the state of Florida prefer the parents develop and agree on the plan together. However, if they cannot do that, the judge’s primary concern, in...
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Reasons To Sign, Or Not Sign, A Prenuptial Agreement
They aren’t romantic, but they are practical. Prenuptial agreements have been around for years. They provide a way for individuals to protect the assets and property they bring into a marriage. They also determine what should happen to the various financial pieces should the marriage...
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How To Win Your Child Custody Case
When determining child custody, judges in today’s court system place the best interests of the child above everything else. In the past, courts generally slanted custody outcomes toward mothers, but that is no longer the case. The court will consider these factors, among others, in...
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Why You Should Use A Forensic Accountant
One of the most important issues to settle in a divorce revolves around, of course, money. Who makes what income? Who gets what assets? Which assets are divided? And how? Will one party pay the other alimony or child support? A good divorce attorney can...
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Divorce During Your Senior Years
Your long-term marriage has made it through children, careers and all life has thrown at you and your spouse. But forget “until death do you part.” You’re headed for divorce. And it’s happening near or during your retirement, those so-called “golden years.” Sadly, you’re not...
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types of divorce in florida
Some Breakups Are Quick And Easy, Others Are Contentious. According to Chapter 61 of the Florida statutes, the state refers to divorce as a “dissolution of marriage,” and there are two basic types: simplified and regular. However, before you can file for divorce in the...
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