Client Testimonials

“Awesome! First Class Attorney! Highly respected! He is fierce in the courtroom! We Highly recommend Him!”

- Joy and John

“Excellent attorney very professional, compassionate, listens and knows the law.”

- A Satisfied Client

“I hired Mr. Boake after my x husband filed for a child support modification. Mr. Boake was incredible taking his deposition, finding my x in many lies an admitting to hiding money. The judge ruled in my favor hands down and Mr. Boake was not only able to keep the child support payments unchanged but he was able to have them extended beyond what was in the original settlement. Not only were the results better than I had thought but for the first time, I was able to stand up against my abusive, bullying x husband. I only wish I had met his sooner when I originally got divorced because I know I would have gotten much better results than the lousy attorney that I hired.”

- A Satisfied Client

“Hired Mr. Boake to take over my case where another lawyer kept me in limbo and never resolving anything. Mr. Boake took over, went to trial and made my ex look like the lying jerk he was. He found every lied he told the court, and each lawyer my ex hired Mr. Boake sliced right through each of them like butter on hot toast! He is pricey but I think he is well worth it. We had a guardian that found me not a suitable parent as I would not let me 13 year old daughter leave the house in daisy dukes and a cut off top while the court appointed guardian was there and when we went to court she used that against me, as I would not allow my daughter to be like her peers, HA! Mr. Boake got her recommendations through out as well. My ex tried putting me in contempt every month and Carl got every one of them thrown out. I would HIGHLY recommend Carl Boake for anyone!”

- A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Boake handled a child custody, time-sharing, and child support case for me. He is very fierce in the courtroom! I was also in awe at how he was able to successfully get information needed out of my ex during depositions! He is a very smart man with clear understanding of the law. He knows what is needed to have a favorable outcome of a case and works hard to achieve exactly what you, as the client, are wanting. This attorney was worth every penny!”

- A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Boake help me through my divorce and was wonderful. He and his staff are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. My divorce was finalized very quickly and very much in my favor. I highly recommend Mr. Boake and his firm.”

- A Satisfied Client

“The Best And Only Attorney To Use, Have Known Him 35 Ys.”

- Marsha F.

“Best family attorney in town!!”

- Mia C.