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Are you facing divorce, child-custody disputes, or alimony decisions?
  • Are you afraid of losing everything?
  • Are you afraid of losing custody of your children?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Are you unsure what your rights are?

You deserve an experienced attorney who knows the law and will fight for you.


If you are facing divorcechild-custody disputes, or alimony decisions, you need to have good counsel and representation, or it could harm you the rest of your life.

Let Carl T. Boake, P.A. help you.

Divorce and family law cases are serious matters that affect your future. You have rights and options, and it’s important to know them. Let Carl T. Boake, P.A. help you pursue the results you need.

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Do you know all your rights and all your options?

Experience that matters:

Carl Boake has represented thousands of family law clients in the St. Petersburg, Fla., area for more than 30 years, providing aggressive representation while adhering to high professional standards. His familiarity with the Pinellas and Hillsborough County court systems means his clients enjoy trusted guidance both in and out of the courtroom.

A divorce lawyer can mean the difference between controlling your future and having it control you.

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  • Mr. Boake handled a child custody, time-sharing, and child support case for me. He is very fierce in the courtroom! I was also in awe at how he was able to successfully get information needed out of my ex during depositions! He is a very smart man with a clear understanding of the law. He knows what is needed to have a favorable outcome of a case and works hard to achieve exactly what you, as the client, are wanting. This attorney was worth every penny!

    – A Satisfied Client
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